Past Projects

I built Line Toy during the 2017 uni break  break after I hit a bug in another prototype that looked more interesting than the game concept felt. 

I used it as an opportunity to explore the line renderer, and used simple methods to make something that looks fairly interesting.

It also gave me the chance to explore the developer dashboard and upload pipeline for the Google Play Store, where it is available for download

NexTV is my 2017 capstone project at Swinburne University. It’s “a chaotic series of cheesy TV mini-games that you can skip on demand to take your opponents off the air!” There’s more information on the game and the team over at

I took on the role of creative lead, and I also designed, built and wired the custom controller that the game is played on. We presented at PAX Aus 2017 to an overwhelmingly positive reception.

You can find out more here


This is a jam game that I was a part of making and was the first jam I participated in as one of the programmers, working with 5 other people who are credited on the itch page.

It’s a fast paced couch multiplayer planet smashing game and turned out really fun to play.


Wave was a prototype created by myself, Andrew Jose, Mark Tan He Jie and Tegan Nicholson. You’re a plankton cloud gathering plankton friends using echolocation to see dangers and not bump into walls. You can download it to play below. If there are any problems be sure to let me know.
This was the first game I created as part of a team over an extended period of time instead of a 48 hour jam.

Download Wave here